Day: September 14, 2018

NASA’s climate-monitoring space laser is the last to ride to space on a Delta II rocket

This weekend, NASA is launching a new, high-tech satellite to monitor the planet’s glacier and sea ice levels — with space lasers, naturally. ICESat-2 will be a huge boon for climatologists, and it’s also a bittersweet occasion: it will be the final launch aboard the trusty Delta II rocket, which

Three years later, Let’s Encrypt now secures 75% of the web

Bon anniversaire, Let’s Encrypt! The free-to-use non-profit, backed by Akamai, Google, Facebook, Mozilla and more, and founded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has turned three years old. As of its birthday Friday, it’s issued more than 380 million certificates on close to 130 million unique domains, and now secures 75 percent