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Google gets slapped $5BN by EU for Android antitrust abuse

Google has been fined a record breaking €4.34 billion (~$5BN) by European antitrust regulators for abusing the dominance of its Android mobile operating system. Fine of €4,34 bn to @Google for 3 types of illegal restrictions on the use of Android. In this way it has cemented the dominance of

Marketplace giants sign EU pledge to remove dangerous goods faster

Ecommerce giants Alibaba, Amazon, eBay and Rakuten have agreed to speed up the removal of dangerous goods being sold on their online marketplaces within the European Union. The EU’s executive body, the Commission, said the four companies have committed to responding to notifications on dangerous products from Member State authorities within

The Impact Of GDPR On Indian Data and IT Sector

India’s rise as a super-economy has been nothing short of spectacular. The country emerged as a global technological powerhouse providing solutions, resources, and skilled manpower to countries around the world. Recent government-led initiatives, such as Digital India and the Smart Cities Mission, have added further impetus to its ongoing transformation

Broken Promises, Unethical Surveillance; Facebook Mired Down In Another Controversy

The GDPR is now effective from today onwards across the world. The law will be effective for everyone whosoever is generating, monitoring, processing or controlling any EU data. The data protection law has been implemented to save the users from the side-effects of ML and AI technologies. The good and

Europe eyeing bot IDs, ad transparency and blockchain to fight fakes

European Union lawmakers want online platforms to come up with their own systems to identify bot accounts. This is as part of a voluntary Code of Practice the European Commission now wants platforms to develop and apply — by this summer — as part of a wider package of proposals

Cryptocurrency This Week: The World Demands Better Cryptocurrency AML Policy

Amid cryptocurrency scams reaching $23 Mn, a day, the ‘bulletproof’ technology of Bitcoin is scorched enough to make the US’ SEC and other authorities to investigate the matter further keeping #FUD alive all around. While a team of researchers have recently proposed “Bulletproofs: Short Proofs for Confidential Transactions and More,”