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Kimbho App Falls Victim To Foreign Conspiracy: Patanjali Ayurved

Patanjali has alleged that multinational companies are conspiring against its swadeshi chat messaging app, Kimbho. On August 16, the company launched the beta trial version of Kimbho app on Google Play Store, which disappeared within 24 hours. A recent tweet by Patanjali Ayurved Spokesperson S K Tijarawala confirmed the above

Google Drive will hit a billion users this week

Google loves to talk about how it has seven products with more than a billion users. Those are its flagship search service, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube, Android and the Google Play Store. Indeed, Android actually has more than 2 billion users now. Later this week, we will be able

Google is quietly formulating a new strategy for China

Google is slowing piecing together a strategy for China to ensure that it doesn’t miss out on the growth of technology in the world’s largest country.¬†It’s been months in the making through a series of gradual plays, but further evidence of those plans comes¬†today via a product launch. Files Go

Google brings its ARCore technology to China in partnership with Xiaomi

Google is ramping up its efforts to return to China. Earlier this year, the search giant detailed plans to bring its ARCore technology — which enables augmented reality and virtual reality — to phones in China and this week that effort went live with its first partner, Xiaomi. Initially the