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Girnar Subsidiary CarDekho Acquires Automotive Youtube Channel PowerDrift

Picking up its acquisition spree, Girnar Software’s auto portal CarDekho has acquired Indian Automotive Youtube channel PowerDrift Studios Private Ltd for an undisclosed amount. Post acquisition, CarDekho plans to come up with the best in class video content as a visual treat and decision enabler for all stakeholders. PowerDrift believes

Exclusive: Patanjali Makes Facebook, Google, And YouTube Take Down ‘Slanderous’ Content

The Delhi high court has asked Google, Facebook, and YouTube to take down the alleged defamatory content posted on these social media platforms relating to Baba Ramdev’s billion-dollar ayurvedic products company — Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. The latter had filed a complaint saying it found certain videos on these platforms to

YouTube removes Alex Jones, too

Another social media domino has fallen for Infowars. After bans this morning from Apple and Facebook, Google followed suit by terminating Alex Jones’ page for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” according to a bright red bar that now graces the page. The embattled, conspiracy peddling host’s Infowars page, which until recently boasted

YouTube’s dark theme has started gradually rolling out to Android

A dark theme option for YouTube users on Android is in the early stages of rolling out to end users, Google confirmed to TechCrunch, following a number of reports and sightings of the dark mode showing up for users in the app’s settings. The feature has taken a bit longer

Facebook also removes 4 Infowars videos, including one it previously cleared

Days after defending its decision to give a voice to conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones and his Infowars site, Facebook has removed four of his videos for violating its community standards. But one of the four had already been allowed to slip through the firm’s review system. A source within Facebook

YouTube punishes Alex Jones’ channel for breaking policies against hate speech and child endangerment

Google confirmed it has issued a strike against Infowars founder Alex Jones’ YouTube channel for breaking the video platform’s policies against child endangerment and hate speech. Four videos were also removed. The strike means Jones’ channel will not be allowed to live stream for 90 days. In a statement emailed to

Google Drive will hit a billion users this week

Google loves to talk about how it has seven products with more than a billion users. Those are its flagship search service, Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube, Android and the Google Play Store. Indeed, Android actually has more than 2 billion users now. Later this week, we will be able

YouTube CEO’s latest update details its growth, glosses over content problems

YouTube highlighted its growth and promised better communication with creators about its tests and experiments, the company announced today in its latest of an ongoing series of updates from CEO Susan Wojcicki focused on YouTube’s top five priorities in 2018. The majority of her missive today – which was also released

Dems and GOP unite, slamming Facebook for allowing violent Pages

In a rare moment of agreement, members of the House Judiciary Committee from both major political parties agreed that Facebook needed to take down Pages that bullied shooting survivors or called for more violence. The hearing regarding social media filtering practices saw policy staffers from Facebook, Google, and Twitter answering